Why you need an Automatic Pool Cover

When investing in an automatic pool cover, you’ll have five amazing benefits, such as; safety, convenience, water conservation, energy-efficiency, and pool cleanliness. These benefits will maximize the lifespan and value of your investment while helping you save money. Here’s why you need an automatic pool cover. Automatic pool covers are usually a type of vinyl […]

Fantasy Spas

If you are dreaming of relaxing in your backyard in a warm soothing hot tub, but you’re not ready to make a permanent investment for your current home, a Fantasy Hot Tub is the perfect option. Although small in layout, a plug-n-play fits perfectly in tight spaces without sacrificing quality. They may not have all […]

Comfort in Buying Local

Before you take the big plunge, do your homework while shopping for a new hot tub or spa. If you want your shopping experience to go as smooth as possible and to invest in the perfect hot tub for your family, check out these tips on buying local. When doing business with a trusted, knowledgeable […]

Ditch the Screens and relax with your kids in a Caldera Spa

It’s quite astounding how much time we spend in front of a screen. Between video games, Facebook, and Instagram, or whatever else there is to do online. Many argue that these social media outlets are the way to stay connected. So, why ditch the screens and relax with your kids in a Caldera Spa? Let’s […]

Hire a Pro for your Pool Closing

As the summer fun comes to an end, it means it’s time to winterize the pool. Because this is one of the most critical steps for the life and longevity of your pool, closing your pool is particularly important, especially in the harsh climates. The last thing you want are your pipes bursting, cracked tiles […]

Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

It’s sum-sum-summertime and the days are beautifully warm and balmy. The sultry sunshine is perfect for obtaining your golden summer tan, splashing in the pool or grilling out in the backyard. But can that same summertime sunshine you love do damage by overheating your hot tub? If you aren’t careful, it definitely can. Spas are […]

Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

Honestly. Your search has been as depressing as finding a match through online dating. That perfect pairing has been almost impossible to find. You’ve been using your evenings and weekends to shop for spas online and in stores, checking out each hot tub profile and review and features. Big box stores, authorized dealers, and online […]

Can Hot Tubs Improve the Old Gray Matter?

Noodle. Noggin. The Old Gray Matter. No matter what you call it, the human brain is an amazing organ! Your brain is responsible for all thought, speech, movement, organ function, sleep, hunger, thirst, your blood pumping, your emotions, and so much more. That’s a TON for one body part to be in charge of! Controlling […]

What’s the Difference in an Entry-Level & a High-End Hot Tub?

There are so many hot tubs on the market today. From perfect mini plug-and-play spas to Bluetooth compatible, LED light-show-spectacular, outdoor television pop-ups, the choices today are vast. But, is there really THAT huge of difference in an entry-level hot tub as opposed to a high-end spa? The short answer: Yes. Think of it like […]

How Hot Tubs Can Improve Your Workout Session

Hot tubs offer so many health benefits, including improved conditioning for athletes and those who love to workout. But when is the best time to use your spa? Here are some great tips on how to use your spa before and after exercising. BEFORE Prepare your body for exercise with a 20-minute soak in your […]