Why People Trust Us with Their Most Serious Pool & Spa Water Quality Issues?

What does it mean to be an “expert” at something? Perhaps more to the point, how does one become an expert, or define when they make the transition from merely a “professional” to a true expert, or master of a particular skill, such as pool water quality? There are lots of theories. For instance, author […]

Hot Tubs and Hot Hubs: Plan Your Next Date Night at Home!

Date night is a favorite for us, and we know it is for you, too. But sometimes inspiration fails even the best date-night genius as we plan our next special evening with the one we love the most. Does this sound familiar? You know how it goes…   “So, where should we go tonight?” “After […]

What’s So Great About Fiberglass Pools?

Pool choices have come a long way in the past 10 years, and fiberglass pools are no exception. DesRochers Backyard Pools is proud to be an independent builder of Trilogy Pools—the fiberglass pool that makes your family’s backyard dream a breathtaking reality. Completely customized and built to order, your fiberglass pool comes with these fantastic […]

Caldera Spas: Technology Therapy

Technology. Lots of technology. It’s the world we live in today. Whether you commute to work at an office or work from home, we know that technology is a huge part of your day. And, ohhhh, how you can feel it. That constant reach of your arms to your computer keyboard that causes the ache […]

How to Choose the Best Swimming Pool for You and Your Family

We’ve all lusted after them. Yes, you. You know what I’m talking about. Those incredibly gorgeous celebrity pools that are the size of a lake, for goodness sake. And although your heart yearns for a pool of your own, you can’t stop thinking… “We are just normal people with a normal life and a normal […]

Why Buying Local Just Can’t Be Beat

There’s something about great, personalized customer service that you can’t put a price tag on. When you find a mechanic you trust, you take your car to him every time. The lady at the bank drive-thru who greets you by name? Priceless personal service. And an experienced hairdresser who doesn’t leave you searching for a […]

Get Your Backyard Ready for Pool Season

Finally. The countdown to summer is on. Visions of kids home on break from school, backyard pool parties, and the succulent smells of the grill are dancing through our heads. Although we won’t hold our breath against spring storms and cold snaps for a few more weeks, we know that warmer weather and gorgeous days […]

Go Green!

Talking about green and swimming pools is usually not a very pleasant conversation. Typically, that means discussing how green is it? Is it Slimy? Can you see the bottom? The dreaded algae bloom! Who wants that? No one, but we definitely want to be greener in the sense of more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, […]

In The Swim: Pool Chlorine Brands – What’s the Difference?

As originally wrote by In The Swim, this article highlights the differences between chlorine brands! Is all pool chlorine the same? The short answer is NO ~ Trichlor tablets may look the same, but they differ in “materials and workmanship”. Chlorine Materials Chemical labeling and MSDS sheets provide a look into the ingredients used in […]

Tips for Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pool service involves much more than it frequently seems. One can make the case that professional and regular attendance to your water chemistry with on site computerized water testing as provided by our service, principally chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid, is the most valuable part of the service. Without it, you […]