Caldera Spas: Technology Therapy

Technology. Lots of technology. It’s the world we live in today. Whether you commute to work at an office or work from home, we know that technology is a huge part of your day.

And, ohhhh, how you can feel it. That constant reach of your arms to your computer keyboard that causes the ache of tension to start building in your shoulders. The poor posture being hunched over a smart phone that causes discomfort to creep up your back. And the ongoing pain that radiates into your neck. Not alone to mention the mental stress caused by the never-ending barrage of information. What can a person do to escape?


According to, we can’t fully escape. Almost 90% of Americans use the internet. 77% of Americans now have a smartphone and an increasing number of people own tablets. We have to use them to be productive at work. But the additional issue? We all use them after office hours, too. Whether it is reaching for social media, streaming movies with the family, or scrolling through the local news, all this technology use can take an enormous toll on your body. As the stress and tension start to accumulate, it needs to be released before permanent damage is done to your health.

Although you can’t escape, you can retreat. Would you believe us if we told you that in as little as 20 minutes per day you could bring extensive relief to your neck, shoulder and back pain, additionally offering your body an incredible mental break? With a Caldera spa, just 20 minutes can make a world of difference. When you make your home a retreat and place of relaxation, it will become second nature to slip into your spa each day. Tension drifts away as the jets target painful, problem areas. Muscles lengthen and loosen as you stretch them in warm water. And all the stress and worries of life melt away as the peaceful haven of heated water comforts your mind and soul.


In a Caldera spa, thermotherapy (heat) and hydrotherapy (water) combine to offer an incredible massage and increase of circulation. This, in turn, increases the delivery of oxygen to the brain, alleviates stress and anxiety, soothes sore muscles and aching joints, and promotes restful sleep.

At DesRochers Backyard Pools and Spas, we are in the business of helping you feel the best that you possibly can. Since we know that technology impacts every area of your body, we offer a full line of Caldera Spas to bring therapeutic rest and peace to your life. Come into the showroom at one of our three convenient locations to see what spa option is right for you. Or call us today to see what amazing deal we can get you. As an authorized Caldera dealer, we will have you on your way to transformational technology therapy in no time!