Comfort in Buying Local

Before you take the big plunge, do your homework while shopping for a new hot tub or spa. If you want your shopping experience to go as smooth as possible and to invest in the perfect hot tub for your family, check out these tips on buying local.

When doing business with a trusted, knowledgeable dealer, you will receive spa assistance before and after the purchase. You’re entering a relationship with both the manufacturer and the dealer, who will provide support and services to help keep your spa running smoothly for the life of your hot tub. Therefore, choosing the best dealer is an essential choice during the entire process.


Shop before you buy

For the best shopping experience get yourself to a local dealer or showroom, so you can see, touch, and experience each model before making a purchase. At DesRochers Backyard Pool and Spa, the staff will gladly explain the full package of each model and help you choose the perfect design to complement your deck or backyard landscaping.

Be sure to discuss all the jet options and learn about the best hydrotherapy experience for you and your family, and don’t forget to feel the features by putting your hand in the warm water.


The Perfect Fit

Just like trying on a new pair of shoes, you’ll want to test out your new spa to ensure it’s the perfect fit. Before you decide on a lounge or open seats, you may want to climb on in and test the fit. Stretching out on the lounge will make you feel like you’re floating because of the buoyancy, better yet, schedule a wet soak for a full experience.


Quality Service and Products

By visiting a showroom, you meet first-hand the factory-trained technicians that will assist you in all the available spa services. When talking face-to-face and witnessing the dealer’s commitment to your specific values and needs, you will feel more secure and confident of the process of purchasing your new spa.

Hot tub location: you’ll need enough space for the spa you purchase, although they can be situated just about anywhere. You can put them on the deck, patio, or under a gazebo. If you are unsure of the fit and location, schedule an appointment with your local dealer for reassurance.


Other things to consider:

  • Delivery access
  • Drainage
  • Structural support
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Comfort and privacy
  • The correct type of electricity

Because of all the different components to set up the new spa, DesRochers Backyard Pools and Spa we will help you every step of the way with quality products and top-notch service.