Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

Honestly. Your search has been as depressing as finding a match through online dating. That perfect pairing has been almost impossible to find. You’ve been using your evenings and weekends to shop for spas online and in stores, checking out each hot tub profile and review and features. Big box stores, authorized dealers, and online wholesalers – you’ve looked at every option and every brochure. And after all that looking you still have one question.

Do more jets mean a better spa?

Well… Not necessarily.

One of the biggest misconceptions in shopping for a hot tub is that you will fall in love with a plethora of jets or that this will produce a better quality hot tub experience. But if your body is being assaulted by 85 of the exact same kind of jet, this will probably not get you the rejuvenating full-body massage that you would be looking at in a well-designed, quality spa.

It’s easy and inexpensive for lower value hot tub brands to add a ton of jets. They just have to drill more holes and insert cheap jets around the body of the tub. It can make a hot tub look impressive, but it can also take away valuable power and water pressure from where your body needs it.

So how should jets be considered when purchasing your new hot tub?


1) Quality Over Quantity. Quality jets are going to perform and deliver far beyond the experience that quantity jets will ever bring to your life and health. The right amount of jets placed in the right places will bring a quality of hydrotherapy and hydromassage that promotes circulation, healing, relaxation and rejuvenation in your body. Another thing to consider: do all those impressive-looking jets rotate or are they stationary? You’ll want some rotating jets if you are looking for a great massage.

2) Circuit Seating. Quality spas will offer circuit seating, designing and placing jets along different sizes and styles of seating, so that the whole body receives a different massage, with different jets, in every different seat. Cycling around quality spa seating set with perfected, specialized jets, will deliver a quality of hydromassage that you will never find in a spa with just unlimited amounts of the same jets and seats.

3) Zoned Jet Areas. Many models of quality spas also offer zoned jet areas. This lets you turn on and control only the jets that you need, when you need them. This fine-tuned adjustment can create many different atmospheres and experiences in your hot tub, instead of the same strength and blast coming from a hot tub with a lot of holes.

Great hot tubs are quality hot tubs. And although jets are important, consider the quality, placement, use, strength and ultimate goal of the jets that you want for your personal home spa.

At DesRochers Pools and Spas we are pleased be the authorized area dealer of Caldera Spas, a spa brand renowned for high quality, high performance, beautiful spa jets. Take a look at the models and benefits offered by each. Questions? We are your hot tub experts. We will find the perfect spa with the perfect jets for you. Call us today or stop by any of our three convenient locations in Shorewood, Wilmington, and Morris. We’ve got a hot tub match-made-in-heaven that will stop your depressing search, complete with the perfect number and quality of jets that you are looking for. We’ll save your weekends for what matters—slipping into your hot tub.