Go Green!

Talking about green and swimming pools is usually not a very pleasant conversation. Typically, that means discussing how green is it? Is it Slimy? Can you see the bottom? The dreaded algae bloom! Who wants that? No one, but we definitely want to be greener in the sense of more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, and conserving where we can.

So, is this possible with a swimming pool? Definitely, there are a number of ways. Here are just four to focus on.

Use a filter that does not require a backwash.

Backwashing for some filters can take time for the water to run clean and clear. The entire time the filter is being backwashed you are losing pool water at a high rate. An estimation of the water being lost is about 150-300 gallons of water. That is the typical gallons for an average size hot tub! That is a lot of water to be losing frequently and requiring fresh water to replace it. Some homeowners backwash WEEKLY. That water really adds up. Also that fresh water can change the water balance and introduce metals and scale. All requiring chemical correction.

There are filters on the market that do not require any backwashing and save on water. There are cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth filters that require no backwashing and filter down to a smaller micron or particle size so in turn creating a more efficient filter that could not only cut down on water loss but also cut down on chemical consumption but removing material from the water so that chemicals do not need to work as hard.

Use an Energy Star Rated Variable Speed Pool Pump.

A pool pump is a pool pump, right? No, not anymore. Pentair and Sta-rite have developed Variable Speed Pool pump that will change its speed based on a program throughout the day. This program is preset from the factory to be the most energy efficient in a twenty-four-hour cycle and still sufficiently turn the water over. Pentair has a calculator to estimate your current pumps electrical usage and the electrical usage of the variable speed pump. It estimated for the Chicagoland area in more situations to save the homeowner about 75-90% of electrical usage costs! Could nearly pay for itself in one to two seasons.

You can find this calculator here. http://www.pentairpool.com/support/calculators/pool-pump-calc/

There are a few other reasons this type of pump can help you have a “greener” pool. It can prevent that algae bloom! Pump run time is of the biggest reasons for algae blooms because without circulation and filtration your water sits stagnant, chemicals can’t do their job, and algae grows. The variable speed pump because it is so energy efficient it can move the water a lower speed continuously preventing your water for sitting stagnant and giving your chemicals a chance to do their job. Like mentioned above the better your filter works the less work your chemicals have to do.

An added bonus to the Energy Star Variable Speed Pumps by Pentair and Sta-rite is that ComEd is offering a $400 rebate to their customers that install one between April 1st 2016 and May 2017.

So, all around the variable speed is a winner.

Using a cover or liquid cover product.

Again this comes down to saving on water consumption. A pool loses about ¼ of an inch per day in normal conditions due to evaporation add a heater or drastic temperature changes and that estimate could double. Depending on the pool size that can be a lot of water. Covering with a solar or Automatic cover can help prevent this issue. Covers can also help cut down on heat loss and prevent the pool heater from kicking on.

An alternative to a traditional solar cover is a liquid solar cover. BioGuard makes Smart Shield that changes the surface tension of the water to prevent it from evaporating which in turn helps heat the pool AND you save your water. It is fairly inexpensive and is applied a few ounces per week. It is a good alternative to pulling the cover on and off as well.

Using an EPA registered Sanitizer Weekly.

This one probably doesn’t seem right. Using chemicals is a way to be “greener”? Well, it is. When an EPA registered sanitizer is used in a system or program weekly with a shock and a preventative algaecide you prevent water problems. By doing so you save water, filter media, chemicals, energy consumption and YOUR TIME. Preventing a problem weekly by performing these steps requires much less chemicals and effort on your part. Do yourself a favor add chemicals weekly even if the water looks good. BioGuard and Poolife both have user friendly systems for all pool types. Stick with it and follow your local authorized dealer’s recommendations.

So these are a few ways to have a “greener” pool. The good kind of green. Not the slimy yucky stuff we are trying to prevent.

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