Hire a Pro for your Pool Closing

As the summer fun comes to an end, it means it’s time to winterize the pool. Because this is one of the most critical steps for the life and longevity of your pool, closing your pool is particularly important, especially in the harsh climates. The last thing you want are your pipes bursting, cracked tiles or walls, a damaged or failed filtration system and more.

The big question, should you hire a pro for your pool closing. Let’s take a closer look.

Hire a Pro

Typically, a pool service charges anywhere from $250 -$500 to close and winterize your inground swimming pool. 

Because of the multiple steps required to properly close your pool, many find the task quite daunting but take comfort in knowing the pros will do it right. They will help you prepare the water and adjust the chemicals, clean and store all the pool equipment, drain all the pipes, equipment, drain some (not all) of the pool water, shut down the filter, and efficiently cover the pool.

A DIY Project

It’s not uncommon for more experienced pool owners to do a DIY project, but make sure you know what you’re doing. We encourage you to hire a professional if you are at all unsure on how to accomplish an inground closing correctly.  Before tackling those large tasks, always follow your step-by-step manufacturer’s guide or professional instructions for a custom-built pool. Here are a few tips for bundling up your pool for the winter.

  1. Check, test, and balance chemical levels.
  2. Do a thorough end of the summer pool cleaning.
  3. Clean skimmer baskets and remove all debris from the pool.
  4. Clean the pool filter.
  5. Apply winter chemical kit.
  6. Lower the water level.
  7. Winterize the skimmer and pool equipment per manufacturers recommendations.
  8. Put away all pool accessories.
  9. Install pool cover.

Whether hiring a pro for your pool closing or doing a DIY project, the time is drawing near to protect your investment and get your pool ready for the off-season.  With three convenient locations in Shorewood, Wilmington, and Morris, we are always here to help guide you.