How to Choose the Best Swimming Pool for You and Your Family

We’ve all lusted after them.

Yes, you. You know what I’m talking about.

Those incredibly gorgeous celebrity pools that are the size of a lake, for goodness sake. And although your heart yearns for a pool of your own, you can’t stop thinking… “We are just normal people with a normal life and a normal backyard. It’s not like Robin Leech is ever going to come and show off our pool on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

The thing is… At DesRochers Backyard Pools and Spas, you aren’t just normal people to us. You are our local celebrities. And we long to make your dreams a reality.

So, here’s a few things to think about when choosing the best swimming pool for you and your family.

What size?

First off, what size is your yard? Do you have a small fenced yard, or do you have land? What size of pool do you initially feel will fit your needs? Are there any easements or restrictions to consider? Start measuring and writing down your wish list.

What use?

Are you planning on hosting huge galas in your backyard pool every evening for half the town, or do you just need a place for your kids and their friends to hang out this summer? Pinpointing how you want to use your pool will be key in the choice that you make.

What shape?

Classic. Kidney. Rectangular. Freeform. The shape of Mickey Mouse. Different pool types have different options. What shape is the perfect fit for your backyard?

What features?

While your kids play in the pool, would you like to hang out under the shade of the umbrella, lounging on your gorgeous tanning ledge? Is a swirly slide or diving board on your list? How about playful water fountains or dazzling underwater lights? Or are you training for the Olympics and need somewhere to swim laps? Custom features can help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

What materials?

Is fiberglass or vinyl right for you? Fiberglass pools have so many great features. They are easily customized to include add-ons that enhance your whole backyard experience. They are also super strong, with a gorgeous finish that reflects your pool’s fabulous color. They never need resurfacing. They are fantastic for spaces with a set size and for budgets with a set price. But there are limitations if you are dreaming of something bigger.

Another option is vinyl. Our vinyl pools are custom designed to complement the size and shape of your yard. Anything is possible. Vinyl pools are carefully constructed with quality materials that stand the test of time. You’ll have a variety of beautiful liners to choose from, as well as a number of fun additions like water fountains, slides and fire pits.

What’s left?

You need to consider how much room you want leftover for other backyard activities. Would you like a place for a swing set or trampoline? A grassy place for kids and pets to run and play? How about an outdoor kitchen and family eating area? Or would you rather have most of your yard landscaped into a beautiful patio area that leads directly to your stunning new pool? Envisioning what you want the whole backyard space to look like can be such a huge asset in helping you make your final decision. Then we can start designing the pool that is perfect for you.


So now what do you do? That’s easy. You become our hometown celebrity. Call us toll free at 1.800.734.9054. Or stop in one of our three convenient locations today. We will schedule your free estimate and discuss optional financing, design ideas and 3D renderings of your incredible new backyard space. From our first handshake to our final installation, we will walk you through the entire exciting process. We can’t wait to get started.

Because when Robin Leech comes knockin’ on your door, are you ever going to be proud to show off your beautiful new pool!