What’s So Great About Fiberglass Pools?

Pool choices have come a long way in the past 10 years, and fiberglass pools are no exception. DesRochers Backyard Pools is proud to be an independent builder of Trilogy Pools—the fiberglass pool that makes your family’s backyard dream a breathtaking reality. Completely customized and built to order, your fiberglass pool comes with these fantastic features.

Incredible Design

There are no unhappy surprises or costly mishaps with fiberglass design. With you as the visionary and designer, our DesRocher’s team follows your lead in providing you with the perfect pool. Your pool is made to order, not sitting in stock in a warehouse for months or (gasp!) years on end. You can fully customize your pool’s shape, size, color and depth from a wide range of options. And upgrades? Oh… have we got the upgrades. Spectacular additions such as comfortable tanning ledges, beautiful spas, custom cascades and spillways, incredible LED lighting, and safety covers to protect your children and pets will make your pool everything your heart desires. And you can fully see your vision come to fruition as lead designer of your custom pool. How exciting!

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Quick to Install

There’s no long, drawn-out destruction of your yard during pool installation. Trilogy pools are quality, one-piece fiberglass pools that install in just days. And although we want to quickly get your life back to normal, we know your life will never truly be normal again. Your fiberglass pool will bring you a wealth of visual pleasure, stunning backyard design, and relational closeness with those you love most. Once installation is completed, we know you will enjoy your Trilogy pool for decades to come.


Did you know that Trilogy fiberglass pools are up to 17 times stronger than concrete pools? It’s true! The worst possible thing to happen would be for your brand-new pool to crack as the earth below and around it settles and changes over the years. That can’t happen with a fiberglass pool. Unlike concrete, fiberglass is made to flex without cracking, which accommodates for soil expansion and contraction due to a wide range of weather conditions. Hot summers? No problem. Freezing winters? No problem. We know that when you spend your hard-earned money you want the job done right the first time. With a flexible Trilogy fiberglass pool from DesRochers, the job never needs to be redone.

Low Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is a favorite feature of fiberglass pools. A Trilogy fiberglass pool from DesRochers never needs resurfacing or relining. Each pool features a smooth, beautiful Hydrostone coating, available in multiple color choices. This coating not only makes your water a gorgeous crystal blue, it also is chemically inert. Since algae has a hard time growing on the non-porous Hydrostone surface of Trilogy fiberglass, the savings are passed on to you in low chemical usage. Low maintenance equals a HUGE cost savings in operating your pool. And we know that makes you happy.

When you are happy, we are happy. The satisfaction our clients is our #1 goal. At DesRocher’s Backyard Pools we rely on the highest standard of excellence in helping you customize the perfect pool for your backyard. As the premier Aquatech builder for Northern Illinois, we offer three fantastic locations for you in Shorewood, Wilmington and Morris. Call us toll-free at 1.800.734.9054. Or stop by today to schedule your free estimate and discuss financing, design ideas and 3D renderings of your new Trilogy fiberglass pool.  From our first consultation to our final installation, we are fully committed to making your dream an exquisite reality.