Why Caldera is the Best Hot Tub Around

When you are looking to buy a hot tub, the choices may seem endless. However, the closer you look and the more you research, the faster it will be to narrow down your choices. If you are in the market for an American-manufactured hot tub created by an industry leader—one with a reputation for technology, innovation, and integrity—those options will start to dwindle pretty quickly.

As a leader in the spa business, Caldera Spas’ goal has always been to create the BEST hot tubs—the most comfortable, energy-efficient and high-performance spas on the market—so that you can enjoy the abundance of benefits that a Caldera spa has to offer. From the smallest model to the grandest upgraded design, all of the Caldera hot tubs feature circuit therapy massage, to meet the needs of your entire body.

Caldera products are manufactured by Watkins Wellness. Watkins is into hydrotherapylike really, really into hydrotherapy. So much so, in fact, that their company’s motto is “Feel good. Live well.” They have designed their spas with a passionate influence to help release tension from the body and mind, relax muscles, promote flexibility and alleviate pain. All of their attention to detail and innovation of design and accessories focus around these areas. Watch here to see how Caldera Spas has combined comfort, design, and performance with you in mind!

Your hot tub choice should be a full-body experience. With Caldera, considered by many to be the most comfortable spa available, you’ll find a variety of jets that sooth muscles and release tension. However, the options don’t end there. Find your favorite model with the features you love, to make your hot tub custom designed to be your very own. Experience the Caldera difference through:

  • A digital control panel
  • Adjustable strength jets
  • LED illumination
  • Waterfall features
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Audio/Visual entertainment systems
  • CoolZone Technology to cool and heat your spa water
  • CONNEXTION remote spa monitoring system
  • Chemical or salt water maintenance systems

You will never find a spa company with a better reputation, warranty, global network of dealers, or one who is a better employer of American workers.  That’s what makes DesRochers Backyard Pools and Spas so proud to offer you the BEST in  Caldera spa models.  As the premier Caldera dealer in the area, our three convenient locations in Shorewood, Wilmington, and Morris, carry options in our showrooms for you to experience in person. Come in and see the Caldera difference for yourself! You’ll never look at another hot tub brand again.