Why you need an Automatic Pool Cover

When investing in an automatic pool cover, you’ll have five amazing benefits, such as; safety, convenience, water conservation, energy-efficiency, and pool cleanliness. These benefits will maximize the lifespan and value of your investment while helping you save money.

Here’s why you need an automatic pool cover.

Automatic pool covers are usually a type of vinyl material and motor driven which works on a pulley type device. Therefore, smooth, secure opening and closing without much effort or manual labor.

By far, the best feature of a pool cover is the ease of use and safety, merely the touch of a button or by the turn of a key and the cover will begin to retract, roll up, and disappear. Because of the snug barrier between the pool and the surface, the pool cover keeps out all the unwanted debris.

Saves time and money

The upfront expense for an automatic pool cover, for a new pool or pool upgrade, will vary according to the dimensions, model, or custom design. Although a pool cover may increase your budget in the beginning, over-time you’ll spend less on maintenance – saving money.

For a little peace of mind with little ones or pets, a heavy-duty cover is strong, durable, and safe. Thus, saving you the hassle and sweat of physically removing or replacing the pool cover before or after each use.

While the cover is on the pool, you’ll save money on heating, minimize water loss, and keep your pool clean. By the push of a button, your water is clean and ready for a quick refreshing dip.

Other benefits and savings

Besides offering energy savings, safety, and clean pool water, according to the Department of Energy, a pool covers provide the following advantages:

Since evaporation is responsible for 30-50 percent of water loss in a pool, a pool cover will lower the amount of make-up water needed for a successful swim. Also, the pool’s chemical consumption will decrease by 35-60 percent. In the long run, this will save you a substantial amount of money on pool supplies.

When choosing the perfect pool safety cover for your pool and lifestyle, you can rest assured with the help of DesRochers Backyard Pools and Spas your loved ones and pets will be safe.